Raymond Yap

Raymond Yap

Executive Bio of Raymond Yap

Raymond obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University and the Master in Education and Training from the University of Southern Queensland. He has also obtained a Graduate Diploma in "Leadership and Organisational Learning" from the Singapore Civil Service College (CSC) after completing a one year programme with Dr Daniel Kim and Diane Cory.
Raymond has served in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSFA) for 25 years before becoming a professional Trainer. In his successful career in the RSAF, he has served as Battery Commander, Battalion Second-in-Command, Battalion Commander of an Air Defence Artillery Battalion; Brigade Operations Officer of an Air Defence Artillery Brigade, Staff Officer in Joint Operations and Planning Directorate; Wing Commander and Deputy Commander of the Air Force School. His vast experience with the RSAF covers the areas of operations, training, human resource planning and management, budget control and strategic planning.

Raymond is now an active, experienced and qualified consultant for Business Excellence (SPRING-Singapore) and Service-Class (SPRING-Singapore) management consultant. During his active service with the RSAF, he was the Management Representative of Air Force School for the MINDEF EXCELLENCE AWARD (MEA). He was the key player in the AFS's ISO, SQC, PDS and SIC journey. During his active service, he had undergone the Service Excellence Standard OJT programme with MCMD and had successfully prepared the Air Force Recruitment Center (AFRC) for the S-Class certification. Raymond is currently providing the S-Class consulting services to the Tuas Naval Material and Transport Base (NMTB). Besides providing S-Class consulting service to the SAF units, Raymond was also involved in the S-Class project with private organisations like The Hour Glass Limited. Raymond is also an experienced MINDEF Excellence Award Assessor.

In addition, Raymond is also an experience trainer, facilitator and qualified executive coach. He has facilitated many workshops and meetings for senior management and operations staff from MINDEF to organisations such as MCYS, DSTA and Temasek Club using Large Group Intervention processes (such as Open Space Technology, The World Cafe and Future Search) as well as TetraMap. Raymond is an established TetraMap facilitator certified by Yoshimi and Jon Brett, who are the founders of the TetraMap. Raymond is also a certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner and is currently pursuing the NLP Master Practitioner program.

His other portfolios include EXCO member in the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) - ASIA Conference 2006, EXCO member for the Singapore Facilitator Conference 2007, and EXCO member for the International Conference on Experiential Conference 2008, which will be held in Sydney. He is also the Chairperson Event Committee with the American Society for Training & Development Global Network Singapore (ASTD GNS) promoting continuous training & development for professional trainers and HR community in Singapore. Raymond is also a member of Singapore Professionals' and Executives' Co-operative Limited.

Raymond also served as a volunteer with the HCA Hospice Care (HCA). He conducts "A Touch of Love" workshop under the Student Education Programme (SEP) with HCA to bring awareness on the Hospice and create love and care for the secondary school students in Singapore.

Current & Past Projects

  • Air Force Recruitment Centre (AFRC)
  • Tuas Naval Material and Transport Base (NMTB)
  • The Hour Glass Limited
  • Army Transport Formation
  • MCYS
  • MSO