These are just what some participants had to say about our public workshops & training...

“One of the best training workshop I attended. Mr Chua is excellent & friendly and he made the day really interesting & interactive! Looking forward to attend another training of Mr Chua!” – Marilou Opulencia, Lufthansa Technik Philippines

“Well Done!” - Michael Yeo, 800 Super Waste Management Pte Ltd             

“Good” - Toh Tian Seng, 800 Super Waste Management Pte Ltd

“To be honest, this was the 1st training that I was being able to be alert the whole day. Trainer was very good and I believe he made it to make the participants pay attention. Well done!” – Vanitha Singaram, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sport

“Greg has been very fun and yet able to put across his message to anyone of different industries, he explains very well and deserves 5 stars. Well done! Thumbs up!” – Maureen Leong, Germaxco Shipping Agencies Pte Ltd

“Trainer very lively (Not Boring)” – Sarojini Devi, Germaxco Shipping Agencies Pte

“Like the training environment” – Cher Sen Keuk, Singapore Polytechnic

“Lecture is clear & interesting” – Tan Pang Tong, National University of Singapore

“Overall, the whole seminar is very engaging and well done...” – Magdalene Ang, Nanyang Kindergarten

“Good Course. Keep it up” – Low Bun Soon, CIBA Vision Asian Manufacturing and Logistics Pte Ltd

“The presentation was well organised and the presenter is able to get the attention of the people” – Tay Gim Leng, CIBA Vision Asian Manufacturing and Logistics Pte Ltd

“Practical” – Janson Lim, CIBA Vision Asian Manufacturing and Logistics Pte Ltd

“Interesting and knowledgeable” – Jessica Low, CIBA Vision Asian Manufacturing and Logistics Pte Ltd

“Good trainer and presentation” – Juraimi Bin Sabit, Setsco Services Pte Ltd

“Well done. Good presentation Skills” – Jason Goh, Setsco Services Pte Ltd

“Well prepared and good material” – Balbir Kaur, Singapore Police Force

“Good example in handling staff problem” – Brian Wong, PFS Pte Ltd

“Very well trained trainer” – Vincent Poon, ITT Fluid Technology Asia Pte Ltd

“Real life experiences and exchange is very interesting and helpful. Trainer is very hyped. Great turnout” – Oh Mei Chen Jacquelyn, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

“The references given to relate to the topics are relevant for us to understand the matter well” – Mohd Effendi Bin Senin, Intevac Asia Pte Ltd

“Trainer’s presentation is interesting” – Pay Eng Hong, Intevac Asia Pte Ltd

“Informative” – Steven Yong, Wing Wah Industrial Services Pte Ltd

“Very useful tips provided and examples given. Well conducted!” – Edmund Gan, ROTEC Singapore Pte Ltd

“The trainer is knowledgeable and understanding” – Loh Chai Huat, Singapore Police Force

“The course was well prepared and served” – Govindharajoo S/O Ramalingam, Singapore Police Force

“Very well organised. Excellent trainer” – Teresita Eduardo, Quest Diagnostics

“Very informative, lively and humorous” – Lim Luck, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

“Trainer is patient & able to run thru all his experience & knowledge” – Ho Foo Keong, Keppel Shipyard Limited – Benoi Yard

“Thank you for the good atmosphere, engaging trainer” – Fong Sook Yee Pauline, Housing and Development Board

“The course was very practical in our lifestyle” – Koh Soon Sim, Singapore Police Force

“Very enjoyable and informative” – Harban Kaur, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

“Fully entertaining program for the day” – Wang Shuzhen, Toll Offshore Petroleum Pte Ltd

“Very enriching program” – Goh Tong Woo, Keppel Shipyard Limited

“I love those quotes “I don’t know. I am unsure. You know something, if I were you, I will feel the same...”” - Alan Ng, Agency for Integrated Care Pte Ltd

“The spokesman conducted the seminar was excellent, able to broadcast message clearly and very knowledgeable” – Nurzawani Bte Hassan, Singapore Police Force

“Clear lecturing” – Winnie Koh, Sembas (Asia) Trading Pte Ltd

“Keep up the good work and look forward to future courses” – Nicholas Loh, Siemens Pte Ltd

“Very fun & engaging...” – Liz Riyana, Republic Polytechnic

“Continue to be enthusiastic” – Pamela Loh, Republic Polytechnic

“Entertaining and colloquial. Engaging to locals” – Natalie Teng, Republic Polytechnic

“Very professional trainer, knowledgeable, enthusiastic & very inspiring” – Joanna Marado, Emarco Enterprise Pte Ltd

“Very Engaging” – Lydea Quek, LANWorks Pte Ltd

“I have been attending sales training but for sure I have learnt something new in this training” – Edmond Mamatlalo, Tescom Singapore Software Systems Testing Pte Ltd

“Keep it up” – Shirley, Neo Shipping Pte Ltd

“Keep up the good work” – Nur Surina Binte Suaib, Techno Fibre (S) Pte Ltd

“Useful in addressing same “bad habits” for my sales techniques” – John Seet, TDS Singapore Pte Ltd

“A great workshop! I had a fruitful experience which will definitely benefit me. Many thanks” – Poh Ping Chong Calvin, TDS Singapore Pte Ltd