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 Empower your employees with the right skill-sets to meet your business goals and needs.

Coping with Difficult Changes in an Aching Economy

In the unpredictable ups and downs of today's economic climate, change is the only constant. Those companies with teams skilled in the fragile art of managing change are the ones who will weather the storm. To keep up with evolving consumer tastes and demands of the market, organizations need to ensure that their employees are empowered with the right skill-sets to meet their business goals and needs. If employees are truly an organization's greatest asset, then training and development should stand as a priority whether in economic prosperity or disorder.

Acqumen specialises primarily on in-house training (and there's minimum number of participants required) at very competitive rates. Public run workshops are also conducted regularly.

Please drop us a line should you have any enquiries on the topics that we're offering or any other topics that you might be interested in.

1. Effective Debt Recovery Strategies

2. Professional Sales Presentation Techniques

3. Tele-Sales & Cold Calling Techniques

4. Excellence in Customer Care and Loyalty

5. Corporate Telephone / Email Etiquette & Manners

6. Techniques in Managing Difficult Customers

7. Interpersonal Skills in Managing (Difficult) Employees

8. Preventing & Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Do get in touch with us for a more detailed outline should you be interested in any of the topics mentioned above.

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